Lesson #2 – Just a little loss can make a big difference!

As we celebrate the 6th anniversary of our Lincoln center, we are most thankful for each and every client that contributed to the cumulative loss of over 140,000 pounds! When helping clients lose this much weight, it’s essential that the process is medically supervised, especially with weight-related medical issues and medications involved. On a daily basis clients express how much better they feel and/or that they no longer have a need for a particular medication.

One incident we see over and over with clients is what a positive impact losing even just a few pounds can have on them physically. For example, there’s a strong correlation between being overweight and having high blood pressure or hypertension. Blood pressure is measured by how much blood your heart pumps and the space in your arteries it has to flow. High blood pressure is a condition where over time, the force of blood against your artery walls is high enough to cause further health issues. If you have a large amount of blood pumping through clogged, narrow arteries, it causes strain on your heart and blood vessels which leads to high blood pressure. If left neglected, it can then lead to heart attack or stroke. Because of this, it must be controlled, and the quickest way is with medication. (Sometimes hypertension is a genetic trait and your body is predisposed to this condition; however, the most predominant factor nowadays seems to be the extra weight we carry around). Fortunately, this is where losing just a few pounds can result in a significant change in hypertension issues. In no time at all, our client Nancy was cleared by her doctor to stop taking her blood pressure medications. “You’d never know 15 pounds would make such a difference,” she says. But it does!

This is the most rewarding part of our work – to watch clients transform not only their physique but their health as the pounds drop off and they move towards that happier, healthier life they’ve always hoped to have!

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers has been helping people lose weight and improve their health for over 35 years. With doctors, nurses, and certified counselors on staff, as well as weight loss plans tailored to each individual’s lifestyle, PWLC has a proven program to help you lose weight quickly and safely. If you’d like more information, visit www.pwlclincoln.com or give us a call at 402-483-7952. We would love to help you, too!