Here is another reason to be prepared when dining out: Ninety-six percent of entrees sold in American chain restaurants contain more than a third of the USDA’s daily recommended amounts for calories, sodium, and total fat or saturated fat. In a pinch?? Order from the children’s menu for instant portion control and fewer fat grams and calories. Make sure you skip the junior drinks, such as shakes, floats, or kid-sized ice cream, which often contain more calories {as many as 100 or more} than specialty drinks on the regular menu. That is almost as bad as the inflated calorie counts of those adult menu items! Check out the following stats from your average chain restaurant:

The Average Appetizer = 813
The Average Entree = 674
The Average Salad = 496
{no additional dressing}
The Average Dessert = 429
The Average side-dish = 260
The Average Soup = 225

It definitely IS possible to dine out and dine healthy, but you may have to request that your food be prepared to fit your healthy lifestyle, i.e. no salt, steamed instead of sauteed, dressing on the side, for example.

Your PWLC staff counselor can help you decipher the best menu choices and/or what to ask for in preparation for your next meal out. By being prepared, you can enjoy a relaxing dining experience without veering off course on your weight loss plan. Bon appetit!