Q?Will I be able to follow your program when I travel?
A.Yes.  Our menus include foods that you will find in restaurants or anywhere away from home.  The menus also offer the flexibility of using meal replacement shakes and bars or pre-packaged meals for added convenience while traveling.  We have many clients who travel extensively and are able to lose weight successfully!
Q?Do I have to count calories?
A.Calorie counting is not necessary on any of our weight loss programs.
Q?Do I have to take pills?
A.The focal point our programs is healthy eating designed around real foods.  We provide clients with a high-quality multi-vitamin and an essential minerals and calcium tablet to supplement their weight loss program.  We also offer some natural herbs that can enhance the program’s success, but these are not a requirement to include in your program.
Q?Do I have to exercise?
A.While exercise is beneficial to a weight loss program, it is not a requirement during your weight loss phase of the program.  An exercise regimen is encouraged, barring any physical limitations, because it can enhance your weight loss progress.
Q?Do you offer menus for vegetarians?
A.Yes, we offer vegetarian options for all of our weight loss programs.
Q?What kinds of food can you eat while on your programs?
A.Our weight loss programs include a healthy combination of fresh, wholesome foods, including lean meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy, starches, and fats. You can buy food from the grocery store and eat out in restaurants.
Q?How often do I weigh in?
A.It is recommended that you visit the center on a regular basis, two to three times per week.  Appointments are not necessary; you weigh in at times that are convenient for your schedule.
Q?How old do you have to be to participate in your weight loss programs?
A.Individuals must be 17 years old and have parental consent to participate in the program.  Individuals who are 18 years old or older may participate without parental approval.
Q?How will I maintain the weight loss once I reach my goal?
A.Each of our programs includes a 6 month maintenance plan that teaches you how to maintain your healthy weight for life!
Q?Am I under any obligation during my initial consultation?
A.Absolutely not.  The consultation is a free, no-obligation visit to provide you with information on Physicians WEIGHT LOSS centers’ programs.
Q?Are your weight loss programs safe and medically sound?
A.Yes, our weight loss programs are designed by board-certified physicians and registered dieticians.  Each center is staffed with physicians and nurses, as well as certified weight loss counselors.  We are a long-standing, reputable company that works alongside the local medical community to promote healthy living