Absolutely! The ingredients that make up the water enhancers not only help suppress your appetite and burn fat, but also help to regulate your appetite in a healthy way and get rid of those pesky sugar cravings (the ingredient chromium picolinate is to thank for this!). It’s not just a fat burning property, either, but works by increasing your metabolism and your body’s efficiency to utilize fat. It also improves your stomach and digestive health by aiding the food digestion process so you can digest your foods more effectively. The viatmin C content helps build immunity, while the peppermint tea assists with improved circulation, nervousness, insomnia, headaches, PMS, stress and tension, all which can contribute to weight gain.
So, the next time you are taking your PWLC Thermogenic Water Enhancer, remember all of these great benefits! The recommended or required time (if on LCD 1000) to take the water enhancers is 30-45 minutes before a meal, and one enhancer before bedtime is suggested.
If you haven’t tried water enhancers on your PWLC program, pick up a box today. They are just the boost you need when hitting normal, weight loss plateaus!