Birds chirping, trees blooming and feet on the pavement are all signs of the arrival of Spring. However, hitting the great outdoors for a 5k or even a Fun Run involves more than just lacing up your sneakers and programming the perfect playlist. After a long winter slumber, we have a few simple steps to help get you back on your feet again in a safe and healthy way.
Starving yourself should never be a part of any exercise regimen, but eating right should. Fuel up with healthy foods such as your PWLC breakfast or lunch prior to a workout. If that is too much food for you, consider one of our Nutritional Supplements before and/or after your workout. Foods to always avoid include anything with sugar like jams or jellies, cookies, cakes, pie or doughnuts. They will tend to give you a quick burst of energy, but then your blood sugar bottoms out.
Everyone needs to hydrate. It prevents muscle tears and helps you feel better during a workout. Water is great for most workouts, but if you workout longer than an hour, and in Nebraska heat, a sports drink may help to re-fuel your body. Watch for the added sodium or sugar.
Take it slow. That race you ran last summer was a long time ago. Consider easing back into your routine if it’s been a while since you’ve run hardcore. Don’t go out for the first run and think you are going to tackle three miles. Working too hard right from the start will cause you to take the next four days off because you are sore. Don’t forget to stretch both before and after your workout.