Summer is almost here, and for many that means endless trips to the ball field (including runs through the fast food drive-through), backyard barbeques, and fun- and food-packed vacations.  For some, it can also mean packing on some extra pounds. If you’re ready to turn over a new leaf this summer, weight loss can be achieved while on the go.

Tina (featured in the ad) is one PWLC client proving that a hectic lifestyle doesn’t have to hinder weight loss success!  Tina lost 82 pounds since beginning her weight loss program last summer.

PhysiciansFAST®, a PWLC menu plan designed specifically for people on the go, promotes quick and healthy weight loss and encourages long-term weight maintenance.  This meal replacement program features supplements that are specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients.  PhysiciansFAST® is carefully designed to assure adequate levels of protein are met while monitoring carbohydrates. This easy-to-follow plan requires four supplements daily along with a dinner meal.   These specially formulated supplements feature a custom blend of active ingredients designed to suppress appetite, burn fat, boost metabolism, and reduce stress.  PhysiciansFAST® is perfect for those who don’t have time to prepare several balanced meals daily or for those who want maximum portion and quality control with aggressive results.  In addition to PhysiciansFAST®, PWLC offers several different programs that are structured around grocery-bought food, but include the flexibility of meal replacements.  Each PWLC program is tailored to fit your lifestyle.

With board-certified physicians, licensed nurses, and staff counselors carefully monitoring your program to assure safe and effective weight loss, Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers are the weight loss specialists.  PWLC can help you successfully lose excess pounds and inches this summer!

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