The trigger: You’re totally exhausted. Skimping on sleep taxes the brain region that helps you strategize about what you’re going to eat—making it harder to manage what ends up in your mouth. In fact, when people snoozed for only four hours a night, they wolfed down 500 more calories the next day than when they slept for eight hours.

Stay strong. Sleep seven to eight hours a night. Yeah, yeah—easier said than done. So try this: If you have a busy week coming up, clock the most shut-eye the first few nights and plan ahead.

The trigger: You’re on edge. Stress depletes your stores of glucose, which your brain needs to fuel smart decision making, says Ken Cheng, Ph.D., professor of biological sciences at Macquarie University. Meaning when you’re wigging out, you have less mental mojo to walk away from the goodies.

Stay strong. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to chill out that moment, think of all that you have accomplished! You can do this just keep it together!