We couldn’t be prouder of our featured client for May!!! A big SHOUT OUT to Lisa Martz on achieving her weight loss goal! Lisa is 45.2 lbs. lighter and 49.75 inches smaller with the help of PWLC.
Lisa says: “I decided to join PWLC because I had tried so many other diets and failed. I needed a structured program where I would be accountable for my success. I had several medical issues that would be improved by weight loss and decided it was time to lose the weight before something serious occurred. The staff at PWLC is fantastic! So supportive and encouraging! The plan was easy to follow and I saw fantastic results that kept me motivated and enthusiastic about losing the weight. I feel so healthy, confident, and energetic now! I am no longer self conscious about my weight and I am so proud of what I accomplished! What are you waiting for? I highly recommend PWLC! I could not have achieved my goal without their help! Thank you, PWLC!”
And we thank you, Lisa, for being such an inspiration. We have really enjoyed seeing your amazing transformation!