Welcome to a great weight loss business opportunity!

Karen and I decided to invest in Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers because it combines a solid, proven franchise business system with a growing market of epidemic proportions in the health and wellness industry. Having been in existence for over 30 years, PWLC has developed a business model that’s easy to operate. They give you the knowledge and support needed to own your own business.

One of the reasons we selected PWLC is the integrity of their weight loss programs. PWLC’s weight loss programs offer clients several options to fit individual lifestyles, which helps them reach their weight loss goals. Because clients eat regular food, they learn proper eating habits that promote healthy weight loss. The programs are comprehensive, not only teaching clients how to eat healthy, but also how to keep the weight off permanently.

The element unique to PWLC that other competitors do not provide is the medical supervision, which allows for safe and effective weight loss. Because of the medical tests done pre- and post-program, clients are made aware of the health benefits of weight loss. Many of our clients see great improvements in their blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure, as well as improved range of motion and less stress on their joints, thus preventing future health problems. PWLC also provides behavioral guidance expertise from a licensed clinical psychologist to help clients overcome some common mental road blocks to losing weight.

PWLC offers several supporting products to ensure the clients’ success. PWLC has high quality protein supplements which come in many different forms and flavors. These are critical to keeping clients on track and helping maintain their all-important lean muscle mass. There are meal replacement products, snacks, vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, advanced herbal formulas, fiber capsules, carb blockers, thermogenic appetite suppressants and fat burners, as well as vitamin B-12 injections and lipo-tropic B-Complex injections. No other weight loss franchise has such a vast product offering to help clients achieve success.

Our franchise has experienced a fast track to success in Lincoln, Nebraska. In just 18 months we have reached number four in overall rank among all PWLC franchisees. It’s a franchise one can establish with reasonable initial costs that can produce a steady return on investment. We also purchased the Master territory for Nebraska and have helped one franchisee open the second Lincoln location and another franchisee open one of two locations in Omaha. The most rewarding aspect of becoming Master franchisees is working with other business owners who share a common goal of growing their own PWLC and helping people live healthier, happier lives.

If you are interested in learning more about the remaining two weight loss franchise opportunities in Omaha, please fill out the form below and Brian or Karen will contact you.