We all know how tempting it is to reach for the junk food in times of stress. Don’t do it! Here’s some ways to help you through those moments
-Don’t Skip Meals: This just sets your body up! Our bodies crave the consistency of food and if we don’t get it, it sends strong cravings our direction at the worst times. So never skip meals and don’t hesitate to grab an extra supplement or snack for those times you feel like snacking.
-Identify Triggers: Be aware of what moods/situations stir up those cravings for bad foods. Once you’ve figured out what those are, you can react productively instead of indulging.
-Wait a Minute…or 20: Hold off on that craving for 20 minutes! They seem the most intense within that amount of time after a stressful event. Resist for that long and the urge will most likely fade.
-Drink Water! : Our brains sometimes mistake thirst for hunger. Making sure you get in at least 64oz of water each day will act as a natural appetite suppressant and before you snack, drink 8oz to make sure it is actual hunger you are feeling.
-Chew on it: Research shows that gum chewers on average have 16% less stress hormones in their body than non-gum chewers. They are also able to better handle stressful situations, which leads to less snacking!
-Laugh! : Laughter obviously brightens the mood. It also relieves stress and releases endorphins into your body. So instead of reaching for food, try looking up some funny videos online or calling a friend who is sure to make you laugh!