Mitch Graham

Lost 44 pounds and 32 inches!

“I was tired of who I was…lazy…no motivation. I wanted to make a big change. Strong. Healthy. Capable. What I liked best was the support in learning how to eat. The diet program is great, but if I didn’t have a way of learning how to eat, I’d be back to square one. I feel fantastic, stronger, healthier, and always in the mood to check off things on my ‘to do’ list. It was a hell of a lot easier than I thought it would be, but I had to really want to change or it would have all gone to waste.” ~ Mitch Graham

Individual results can and do vary.

Lynna Gene Cook

Lost 50 pounds and 59.75 inches!
“I decided to join PWLC when I knew something had to be done and PWLC had worked for a family member. I liked that the plan involved grocery store foods. I also liked the courtesy and positive assistance of staff counselors. Now, I feel great! My knees do not hurt and I don’t run out of breath on the stairs!” ~ Lynna Gene Cook, PWLC Client



Individual results can and do vary.

Holli Richardson

Lost 28 pounds and 35 inches!









Individual results can and do vary.

Kathy Hanna

Lost 71.2 pounds and 69 inches 

“I decided to join PWLC because I wanted to feel better.  Weight loss was important for my health.  I liked that the plan was easy to follow and gave me adequate energy to work my 40+ hour job!  I feel great right now!  Looking good is a bonus.  Being able to move easier through my job and my day with energy is the best.  I appreciate the support of the “entire team”.  They helped me keep on track and they are great cheerleaders!” – Kathy Hanna, PWLC Client

Individual results can and do vary.


Chris Fish


Lost 50 pounds & 51.25 inches and still going!

“I joined PWLC because I wanted to look and feel better physically and emotionally about myself. I want to be healthy and strong for my family for years to come. I really liked the one-on-one support, all the services offered, and especially that you can lose the weight fairly quickly, but in a monitored, healthy way. It helps keep me motivated. I feel more energetic, stronger, more presentable, and more confident. I feel a sense of accomplishment over doing something so difficult. Weight loss is always a challenge, but in the long run I know it’s worth it in so many ways!”   ~ Chris Fish, PWLC Client

Individual results can and do vary.

Amanda Bensley

Lost 53.5 pounds & 65.75 inches









Individual results can and do vary.

Colleen Mohling – PWLC Nurse

Lost 52 pounds & 67 inches

“When I started working for PWLC as their nurse, I knew I was at the right place.  Everyone was so kind and helpful.

I then decided it was time for me to get on board and work at getting to my healthy weight range.

The program is easy to follow; it’s all laid out for you and very healthy.

I had the support and help from my co-workers and family, and I finally succeeded!  My success wouldn’t have happened without them.  I’m proud of my accomplishment and to be a part of PWLC as a client and employee!” ~ Colleen Mohling, PWLC Client & Employee

Individual results can and do vary.

Lynne Brunk

Lost 75 pounds & 70 inches

“I had tried everything else, and I had heard of PWLC from a good friend.  After my first visit, I liked their approach to weight loss, asking me what my priorities were.  My health was, of course, first.

I love that I can call or come into the center when I have questions.  The staff will give you answers and even call you back to let you know.  I also like that bloodwork and blood pressures are done.

I am so PROUD of myself!  It is so hard to give up eating the way I did, but it has been SO worth it!

If you, like me, have tried “EVERY” diet or diet gimmick, don’t give up!  Try PWLC – it worked for me, and it CAN work for you!” ~ Lynne Brunk, PWLC Client

Kendra Wolver

Lost 71 pounds & 61 inches

“I have struggled with weight issues for about 10 years. Over the last 8 years, I have spent every spring participating in different diet fads and then spending winters gaining back any weight I had lost, plus an extra 10-15 pounds. Last year, I found the Physician’s Weight Loss Center. After reading several reviews and multiple testimonial’s, I decided to give it a try. I was absolutely AMAZED by how effective the PWLC program is! I received caring direction and support from each and every one of the PWLC staff. I wholeheartedly believe that the support I experienced through my twice a week meetings, as well as through the Behavioral Guidance classes I attended for 12 weeks, was a huge part of my success during the program. Not only was my diet a process of learning how foods affect the body and when to eat certain foods to get the most benefit, it was also a journey of building self-esteem and learning to take time for myself. I also attribute my success to a wonderful support system at home. If it weren’t for my fiance’s support and help at home as my “diet coach”, I would have maintained the mindset that this process was only a diet, versus the life long healthy lifestyle change that it truly is and needs to be. I will never be able to express just how grateful I am to have developed a relationship with PWLC and the staff. I feel very confident about the changes I have made and my ability to maintain my success.

Thank you PWLC and thank you Lincoln South PWLC Staff!!!” ~ Kendra Wolver, PWLC Client

Deb Bose

Lost 93 pounds & 96 inches

Deb and her daughter, Carrie, joined PWLC together to have a strong support system as they worked to lose weight and get healthier.  Although it was Deb’s idea to join, she’s the first to admit that Carrie was the one that challenged them both to stay focused on the program and work towards their goals!

PWLC is so happy for the Bose family, as they have all worked so diligently at changing their lifestyles.  And Deb, thank you for caring so much about your own health and the health of your family.  May you pass on your healthy legacy to the next generation of Bose’s!

Carrie Bose

Lost 120 pounds & 117 inches

Carrie Bose came into PWLC with her mom, Deb, to team up and lose weight together.  Several months later, Carrie looks and feels amazing after losing over 120 pounds and 117 inches!

Carrie’s new lifestyle has also opened doors to new opportunities.  She has graduated with a degree in occupational therapy and has recently accepted a position on staff at ‘The Biggest Loser’ ranch!

We are so proud of you, Carrie, and think you are a beautiful person on the inside and out!

Aimee Scudder

Lost 102 pounds & 97.5 inches

Aimee came to PWLC after her doctor expressed concern over her high cholesterol levels.  In the first four months of Aimee’s weight loss program, her cholesterol level dropped from 268 to 205.  In the next four months her cholesterol dropped to 181.  Along with the improved cholesterol levels, Aimee lost 102 pounds and 97.5 inches!

Aimee’s significant lifestyle changes include a new-found interest in physical fitness.  She is currently training for the Lincoln Half Marathon and a triathlon!  We are so happy for Aimee and so proud of her, too!

John Hoffman

Lost 68.8 pounds and 29.5 inches!

John’s motivation in losing weight was to improve his health and be able to fully enjoy his family, especially his grandchildren.  Before beginning his weight loss program, John was taking seven different medications for the treatment of diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.  In four months, John dropped 68.8 pounds and reached his healthy goal weight!  He has also discontinued all but two of his medications.  He is no longer on diabetes medications, and his blood pressure is once again within a normal range.

John is doing a fantastic job of maintaining his healthy weight and plans to be around to enjoy his family for a long time!