Although a behavioral approach to weight loss has been tested for decades, some of the latest studies on obesity and diets have identified some basic behaviors that they have found to correlate with greater success in not only losing weight but keeping it off as well! They have found that most of these changes in behavior fall into these four categories:

  • Initial Assessment:

Determining your baseline measurements, current lifestyle and future goals.

  • Behavioral Shifts:

Making SMALL changes at first tends to stick over the long term. Like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  Studies show that people who examine the entire buffet before serving themselves put less food on their plate. It’s the little things that add up!

  • Self-Monitoring:

Measuring and recording, weight, calories as well as exercise and daily activity such as the number of steps taken.

  • Support Groups 🙂 

Current research shows the benefits of encouragement by others! Support groups also allow people to connect and share victories, support one another during setbacks, and develop creative strategies for dieting and weight loss!

I know that we mention our Behavioral Guidance Classes in your initial consultation; however, if you haven’t attended, they are a great opportunity to benefit from the encouragement of others as well as share in your experiences! The classes run in 6 week sessions on Tuesday nights from 7:30 – 8:30 pm.  Check with your staff counselor for the upcoming session dates. Call or email to sign up today!