“I’m eating clean, exercising hard, I feel lighter, slimmer but when I weighed myself I only lost 1lb. in a week”

Our weight is not a direct reflection of fat versus weight.

Two people can weigh the same but look totally different; one could have a higher distribution of fat tissue than the other while the other has a higher density of lean muscle tissue.

Muscle tissue takes up less space in our bodies than fat tissue. Muscle tissue is highly metabolic, having a rich blood supply as opposed to fat tissue; therefore, it responds extremely well to exercise stimulus. We do need to nourish it accordingly by reducing highly processed carbohydrates and increasing our protein intake along with plenty of fresh green/brightly colored carbohydrates. (M&M’s don’t count!)

When we exercise and nourish our bodies with ‘clean’ fuel, our muscles grow as we burn the fat, so our weight may not drop due to lean muscle growth. However, we change shape and size, which are both excellent reflections of our mission.

People can feel disappointed or disheartened on their weight loss journey if they put all the emphasis on that number on the scale.  Instead, monitor the inches lost, the change in dress sizes, or the notches added to tighten that belt buckle!  And don’t forget the increased energy levels! And most importantly, realize the not-so-tangible health benefits, such as improved cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and a lower risk of many obesity-related diseases!

Following a clean PWLC nutrition plan along with a good exercise regime, 20-30 minutes three times a week including cardiovascular AND strength work, will definitely help you achieve your ‘weight loss’ goals!

Take back your life – only you can!!