Results of a study suggest that daily reminders can help dieters stay on track. Consistent self-monitoring is key to weight control. Methods of improving self-monitoring include daily contact with a support person. A study of obese people in a long-term behavioral treatment program focused on writing down food intake as an important part of the program. The study researched two groups: one that was reminded to monitor their intake, and one that was not reminded. After 8 weeks, the group that received daily reminders lost 2 pounds, while the group who received no reminders gained 2 pounds. Over a 2-week holiday period, the group who received daily reminders maintained their weight. The group who did not receive any reminders gained more than ½ pound each week. Researchers found that compliance with recording food intake was very low without daily reminders. They also noted that food entries and detail increased with daily reminders. The results show that consistent self-monitoring should be a focus in a weight control program. Therefore, it would be helpful for you to try to keep track of your food intake daily and try to find a support person, such as a friend or family member or partner online (or your PWLC staff!)  Have this support person remind you to keep track of your intake and encourage you to stick to your program. You may find this will make it easier for you to remain compliant and maintain progress!