Reaching your goal weight calls for CELEBRATION! You’ve worked hard to gain your ‘healthy weight’ status, so it’s important to learn how to maintain that weight so you don’t squander all your amazing efforts! The hardest thing for anyone to face in regard to losing weight is that for it to work long term, it takes long term efforts.

There are 5 common mistakes when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off:

1.Magic Pills. The reliance on any substance other than healthy eating and an active lifestyle will disappoint you every time. YOU have to change your ways permanently. And don’t perceive it as a life sentence of missing out on ‘life’; this new lifestyle should be perceived as FREEDOM. You are free from diet-related health problems, free from fatigue, free from uncomfortable clothes, and the list goes on and on. Change your perceptions and change your life!

2.Unrealistic Expectations. It likely took you several years to put on the weight, so don’t be upset with yourself for not losing it as quickly as you would like. Are you getting a little healthier every day? If so, look at the positive! Every day you make a choice to become healthier, and over time (no matter how long it takes) you WILL get there. Take one day at a time!

3.Planning a Transition. The mistake most dieters make is actually NOT planning a transition at all. You lost the weight, but now what? PWLC has a plan for you and we will help you transition from your weight loss program back into weight maintenance. Trust us to help you through the process of learning how to maintain.

4.Returning to Calorie Maintenance. This is where many people fail. You’ve worked hard and lost the weight, but then revert back to old eating patterns. Those patterns are what led you to being overweight initially! Again, trust PWLC to guide you to your NEW and IMPROVED calorie maintenance plan which WILL help you maintain that healthy weight for life!

5.Striving for Perfection. Do you think of losing weight as an ‘all or nothing’ venture? If you’ve blown it at one meal, do you decide the whole day is blown? It’s this ‘all-or-nothing’ attitude that will prevent you from succeeding with permanent weight loss unless you change your way of thinking. You NEED to RE-WIRE your thinking. Take one day at a time, one meal at a time, one hour at a time and do your best. You will not always be perfect and make the best choices, but that doesn’t mean you’ve just ruined everything. Get right back on track and look ahead.

There are 5 keys to maintaining your healthy weight:

1.Having a Transition Plan. (See comments above!) We at PWLC have your plan ready!

2.Getting more Physical and less Sedentary. It’s that simple. Get up and move! Do something. Step away from the computer and television and get active. You will feel more energetic when you do this, and it’s ESSENTIAL to weight maintenance.

3.Continuing Self-Monitoring. Always be aware of what, when, how, and why you’re eating. Every time you eat you’re making a conscious decision regarding your future health.

4.Finding Social Support. Continue to accept the help of friends and family members who know your situation and will help you stay strong with your efforts. Find the support you need, if not at home or through friends, then from the PWLC staff. We are here to help you not only to lose the weight, but to lose the weight FOREVER.

5.Becoming a Coach or Role Model. Find purpose in your new-found healthy self by helping someone else to do the same. You’ve improved your health and increased the quality of your life; now share your vision and inspire others who feel hopeless in their situation.

Remember, health and fitness isn’t an ‘all or nothing’, it isn’t a ‘pass or fail’, it isn’t a ‘win or lose’. It is a lifetime journey of learning and self-improving. Every day is a work in progress to becoming a healthier person.